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Tatanka: Story of the Bison


Kevin Costner invities you to visit Tatanka.



30-60 million bison once roamed the great plains of North America. By the close of the 19th century, it's estimated that less than 1,000 bison survived. This is their story.

"I believe today that this place is bigger than the dream I had for it. What it means to anyone that will come here will be up to them. Tatanka was not designed as the white manís version of the Native American. Rather it stands as a centerpiece for two cultures, one whose very lives depended on the buffalo and one who saw it as a means to an end. It recognizes and accepts that this is our mutual history. It can also represent the chance to move forward." Kevin Costner, Grand Opening Speech

While at Tatanka, you'll enjoy:

Larger than life bronze sculpture featuring 14 bison pursued by 3 Native American Horseback Riders.

Hands-on Interpretive Center

Native American Gift Shop

Snack Bar


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